We’re Annapolis Stump Removal, serving the greater Maryland/DC area. We are available and skilled in removing your tree stumps and any roots that they have left behind. We can also help you with small tree, and shrub removal. Call us today for a free estimate!


Tree Stump Removal

We will grind down any tree stumps you have and then we can also grind down any root system they have left behind. We go below the surface of the ground to remove any traces of the tree.

Cut Up Fallen Trees

If you have any trees that have fallen due to bad weather, the city removing them or just a job that was started but never finished, let us know! We would be happy to chop up the remaining wood for you and you can use it as firewood or whatever else you want.

Removal of Small Trees and Bushes

If you have any trees under 15 feet, or bushes that you want removed, we would be happy to do that for you. We can cut them down and remove the stumps they leave behind.

Who We Are

We are Jordan & Raquel Clagg. We moved to Maryland from Upstate New York where our family had a tree business. Jordan grew up in an agricultural area and hard work is what comes natural for him. We have years of experience taking care of orchards and large estates. We’re bringing our experience and enthusiasm to the greater Annapolis area.

With great attention to detail and an honest desire to see our customers totally satisfied, we work hard to treat your yard as if it was our own. After we have removed any unwanted tree stumps, you will have a blank canvas for future yard projects- with nothing getting in your way.

Contact Us

Call or Text- 240-245-0548

Email- Astumpremoval@gmail.com

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